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Dear Friends,
God has given us an unlikely dream and a challenge that we would like to share with you.

It all began a couple of years ago, when we were pregnant with our youngest child. The day we found out we were having a son, our oldest daughter Naima, who was just six years old at the time, walked into the room and announced that once her baby brother was older, we would be adopting her little sister. We were surprised as we had never spoken about adoption with our children before. After all, we already had three biological children (soon to be four), who we were very thankful for, but who also kept us incredibly busy. And then, after Makai's birth, we would become a family of six, which is really quite large by modern standards.

But in hindsight, this was just the beginning of this story, as over the course of the next year we started to frequently run into real, adoptive families. This seemed overwhelming at first, but it gave us an opportunity to learn about what adoption is and what it is not, and the kinds of beautiful families God creates through the process. Around the same time, our church started a ministry program specifically aimed at ending the "cry of the fatherless". Suddenly, this was not just in poor far-away places, but right in front of us. There were many other signs and circumstances, and after over a year of prayer and seeking wisdom, we realized that adoption would become part of our family's mission and calling.

As many of your already know, adoptions can cost anywhere from $25,000-$35,000 and this does not include travel costs. This financial burden prevents many families from adopting. We were so overjoyed when we found out that the wonderful organization "Lifesong for Orphans" would provide us with an Adoption Matching Grant of $3,000 to help bring our little girl home. So far we have raised about $19,000 through donations and other fundraisers we have done. We are so thankful to have made so much progress towards our goal. This leaves us with about $15,000 to raise to reach our goal.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our letter and partnering with us on this journey. We are very excited for what lies ahead and look forward to sharing good news with you in the future.

Love and Blessings,

Christoph and Francina

  • Adoption Update

    Posted a week ago

    Dear Friends,


    It’s been over a year now since our last update and we wanted to bring you up to speed about where we are in our adoption journey.

    We wanted to start by just saying thank you to each of you for your love, support and prayers. The past year has had its challenges and we continue to feel we are on the path of God’s choosing regardless of how hard adoption is. After a long wait, we were matched with a baby back in May, but unfortunately we had to withdraw from the adoption because of the cost was significantly more than we had or could afford at the time. It is impossible to remain strengthened in this long journey without the loving calls of concern, inquiring how the process is going, and simply asking how we are. We appreciate you all and your prayers.


    We are now pleased to report that just two days before Christmas we were matched with a baby girl that is due in March. This little girl will be born in Texas, and we are excited at the prospect of completing our family. At the same time, we are apprehensive as we are getting closer to the due date and there are still several hurdles before us to overcome. The greatest one is the cost as we have been advised that this adoption will cost us ~$35,000, plus the cost of travel to Texas and housing for placement with the child.


    To date, we have saved just under $31,000, leaving us with a difference of ~$7,000 we still need to raise. So we are almost there!


    Now we are asking that if you are able, please consider donating to our adoption through our pure charity fund to enable us to get to the finish line.

     https://www.purecharity.com/christoph-and-francina-adoption or click "Donate to this Fundraiser" in the green box above.


    All donations are tax deductible and any amount would go a long way to helping us provide a safe and loving home for this little girl. Other ways to help are donation of airline miles to help cover the cost of travel or if any of you have time shares that we could use for housing once we are in Texas.  If you would like to donate in this way or have more in-depth questions please feel free to contact us directly at 310-666-9860 or email us at kudzaikahl@yahoo.com.

    If you are able could you help us spread the word by forwarding the above link on your social media and if you would like to make a donation that would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanks so much for all your support. We (and our future baby) greatly appreciate it.


    Greatly blessed in Christ,


    Francina and Christoph

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    Penny Stady

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