Weekly Update – 4/6/2018

Good news is so important! It keeps us going, fills us with hope, and puts the world back into perspective. Big things are happening across the globe, the kind of good news you don’t often hear about. We have the honor of partnering with some incredible organizations that are changing their communities from the inside out, bringing hope and redemption to places in need, and creating good news on a daily basis. We’d like to share some of these stories with you in hopes that you are encouraged, inspired, and know you’re invited to join the good news happening all around the world every day.

Our friends at Unity Initiative host an annual conference bringing people with different backgrounds together, bridging the gap of religion and cultural stereotypes.

The Unity Initiative is based on the belief that the life and message of Jesus of Nazareth (Nbi Isa) is both a radical and practical example to heal the divisions of our world. They believe Jesus does not belong to any one religion or culture, but is relevant to people of all religions and backgrounds, providing a common ground for relationships of true diversity to flourish. When relationships are founded in the spirit of Jesus, nobody can be excluded and through these truly inclusive relationships, one’s capacity for empathy and reconciliation is expanded.

This year the focus is on young female professionals. These women will gather together for one week in Arusha, Tanzania in July. Tanzania, with its population make-up of about 40% Muslims and 60% Christians is such a relevant place to hold a forum like this.

We are excited to support these much needed discussions furthering a sense of openness and cultivating a more peaceful future.

For more information about this conference check out their website at www.unityinitiativeafrica.com/


An Update from Zimbabwe

In 2017, through Hear The Cry, we started raising funds for a Chicken Run at Habitation of Hope in Zimbabwe with the purpose of helping to train our HOH interns, provide food for children, and use profits for college scholarships in Zimbabwe.

With your support and donations, we were able to raise the necessary amount and I’m excited to share the progress with you.

The Chicken Run has been refurbished and completed and 300 birds were delivered at the end of the year.  They are averaging around 250-270 eggs per day.  The interns are learning and growing in animal husbandry and the chicken run is growing in production.  In the photo above, you will see Moses, who recently graduated from our intern program and has played an integral role in the success of the Chicken Run.

Thanks again for your support, donations, and prayers!

John Ross
Vice President, Hands of Hope Africa


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