Weekly Update – 4/28/2018


How are you pursuing impact in your daily life?

We love seeing our friends use their time, talent, and energy to create positive impact in their spheres. Email us your stories, we’d love to hear from and be inspired by you!

This week, we want to invite you to watch and read some of the stories you are a part of — even if you didn’t know it.

Watch this story below!

We have homes, schools and children all over the world who receive ongoing care, support, and love because of your generosity. All your funds donated through the Sponsorship program go directly to the projects, school fees and on the ground costs that it takes raise these kids. We also visit all of these projects on a regular basis so you can send letters and care packages or even jump on a plane and come visit them with us!

This is Sean. He wanted to pass on a little collective thank you to all of our donors.

Thank you to those of you who already sponsor one or more child through our partner organizations!

For those of you who have yet to sponsor a child, we invite you to join in on this epic story we’re telling together!

Till next week,

We love you and celebrate your voice,
– Hear The Cry Team

Join the story, sponsor a child today!


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