August 2017 Update from our India Team


An update from our India Team:

Our team has officially arrived to Happy Home after 3 airplane rides and one bumpy bus ride through the country side of India. We were greeted by a traditional Indian lay and a big hug from Irene and Rose. The team was happy to arrive and sleepy after almost two days of traveling. Everywhere we looked were luscious plants and beautiful flowers. We could hear turkeys gobbling and the sweet sounds of children talking. The awe and wonder of this place is marvelous. It is a hidden treasure amongst the streets of India. Once everyone was filled with the best coffee and tea then we went over to see all the Happy Home kids. We were greeted by songs, smiles and laughter. It is such a special moment to see the kids for the first time and the giant smiles they have without even knowing us. It is the beauty in the simple things like a smile that crosses all language borders. These children know that a team from Solid Rock comes around the world to see them and even if they can’t grasp how far that is they know that we came for them. They don’t care who we are or what we look like, they are just ready to love and play lots of games. After a little prayer time with the kids and some playing we went back to the hotel to get settled in and rest to start out trip. I believe everybody took a nap, so the early hotel arrival was a good plan. We are all eager to start this next adventure at Happy Home.

-Amelia Fenske


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