Thailand: Remember Nhu

By Mike and Margie Figueras

REMEMBER NHU is a foundation  whose  single focus is ending sex slavery through prevention.  We do this in the context of Homes of Refuge to give safety to both boys and girls helping  them to thrive  physically, educationally, emotionally and spiritually.

Since 2010, our first vision trip to Thailand, it has grown from about 50 girls in 2 countries to no less than 40 homes in 9 countries, serving approximately 1000 children.

We are now in our fourth year living in Thailand  and have become family with the 160 children, plus House Parents and helpers in the four homes in this area.  We have 10 homes throughout Thailand.

We have watched the youngest child, whom I first met at under one year, start school.  We have been  part of graduations and Baptisms, even attended the wedding of one of our girls in Minnesota.  We are usually called Aunt Margie and Uncle Mike but most endearing from some, Mom and Dad.

God has given us the great privilege of being a part  of HIS plans and the orchestration of raising up a  generation of young people that will understand the incredible value  they have to a GOD who loves them and has plans and purpose for their life.

All who would come to spend any length of time here with our children would be deeply touched by the display of  Agape love God has poured into our House Parents and helpers.  This in turn flows into our children and out to our staff and visitors.  Quite amazing to witness the joy of innocence that has been protected.