Larissa Ushriya's fundraiser for Uganda 2019

100% Funded


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Trip Cost: $3,950 covered by me. 
Additional funds needed to cover supplies needed.

On April 21, 2019, our team will be traveling to Bethany Village, a rural community outside of Kampala, Uganda, on the banks of Lake Victoria. This community is made up of a primary school, a large farm, and seven orphanage homes caring for over 130 children. Bethany Village is a rural community with a strong vision to teach people and communities to become self-sustaining, in a nation where jobs are scarce. Bethany is a part of African Renewal Ministries, a long-time partner of A Jesus Church and Hear the Cry.

We will be using many different skills on this trip construction, repair talents, and expertise in business or entrepreneurship. The goal is to help Bethany continue to move towards self-sustainability and in their continued journey to develop skills that will equip young people, as they leave Bethany Village. We will be bringing supplies needed for the various income generating skills being taught such as supplies for the sewing room, jewelry making and needed tools and purchasing needed supplies once we arrive.