Jacob Lochridge's fundraiser for 2019 practicum

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Hey guys, my name is Jacob Lochridge. Each year Westside welcomes in an awesome group of young men and women to be Residents at the church. They are embedded in our staff family for the year, serve alongside us, and share an amazing journey of growth together.

Towards the end of the year residents go out on a two-month mission trip to experience ministry in exciting new cultures. This is an opportunity for me to put it all into practice through a big step of faith into an all-in adventure. So originally the plan was to go to Belfast, Ireland, but over the past 3 weeks, I've just gotten the sense from the spirit that while it's a great opportunity, it's one I'm not ready for. That being said, my 2 month practicum will involve me serving in the Portland area. I don't know exactly what I'll be doing yet, but once I do, I'll let you know as well as what the money that gets raised goes toward as I spread the unconditional and infinite love of Jesus and being His eyes, ears, hands, feet, and mouthpiece.
Deep learning and transformation involves engaging head, heart, and hands. We learn to hear what God says, tune our soul into His heartbeat, and learn how to live and practice a life that lines up with this. We believe that practicum trips give you the opportunity to pull together everything you have learned and put it into practice in a challenging new context. And we invite you to join us as we begin the process of sending our residents out to different corners of the world.

During this time, classroom experience will extend into life experience in the global Kingdom.  Each day students will spend time as a group and then in the afternoons break off into their respective departments to have hands-on involvement including leading worship, teaching the Bible, assisting with feeding programs, caring for orphans, and learning the daily operations of pastoral life. This two month window abroad will help further prepare them to understand the full scope of vocational ministry. 

We are close to identifying the exact location that each student will be sent. Once we do we will have more details to share about the work they will be doing on the ground. We'd love to have your support both financially and through prayer.

Thank you for being part of the mission "On earth as it in in Heaven".