Refugee Care: Restart Kits

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Refugee Care Collective Restart Kits

Refugees arrive to Portland with very little and they have to quickly begin their lives over again. Restart kits are filled with essential items that give these families the start of what they need to rebuild their lives here: pots and pans, a shower curtain, a map of Portland, toiletries, a teapot and tea, and more. There are restart kits for every major area of the home: kitchen, bathroom, cleaning, baby, personal care, bedding, as well as a welcome kit. They make a family's new apartment, their home.

These kits meet a very tangible need and also tell each refugee family that people value them enough to spend time and money on them. They're cared for, they're loved, they're welcome here.

Give any amount you'd like above, or gift a full restart kit, ranging in price from $30-$125. Thanks for helping us welcome refugee families to Oregon!