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What would the city of Portland look like if our lives were built around empowering women, who are coming to our city as refugees, to step into a trade that would help them provide for their families?

A Portland based start up company, consisting of a team out of Bridgetown and Van City churches that includes three pastor's wives, is answering the call to free the poor from oppression by building an ethical apparel company. Their environmentally and socially conscious brand has a vision to empower and employ local refugee women to earn a living wage. This would not only be a source of income for women who have fled their country as victims of war and persecution, but it would also give them a marketable skill as a seamstress, provide them with a sense of community and offer them hope for a future in their new home.

In order for these women to improve and sharpen their sewing skills, funds are needed to take them through a series of classes at Modern Domestic in northeast Portland. Following this, they will each need a sewing machine and basic supplies to begin.

Funding to empower one refugee woman is as follows:

Sewing supplies: $130

Sewing class: $170

Professional grade sewing machine: $700

Complete sewing package: $1000

Your financial gift offers hope for women who have endured much suffering, but who are just like us; women who have dreams for their children, women who need to provide for their families; women who long to walk in their area of giftedness and impact the people and communities around them.

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