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In America we have the ability to walk a couple feet within our home, lift the handle of our faucet, and access clean drinking water. Near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, thousands of families have fled ISIS from central (Fallujah and Ramadi) Iraq. 

Now they live in abandoned and unfinished buildings with little to no access to water. Women and children walk at least 20 minutes to the nearest water pipe to retrieve water. Once they reach their destination, they endure at least an hour wait to reach the water faucet.

Currently there is a water crisis in Iraq, which means people need access to water. With temperatures reaching 100 degrees - limiting the walk and waiting time, people will be able to spend more time with their families. But the most important part of this
project is opening the door to share the Gospel with many who have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The Water of Life team successfully installed the first water well in the region in May 2016 in Northern Iraq. Many people have been blessed with closer access to water, which put smiles on their faces and provided an opportunity to share the Good News.

We would love to install ten wells throughout northern Iraq. Each well costs approximately $4,000 in Iraq. The tank is a necessary component of the wells in Iraq. Water from the well will fill the tank allowing people the ability to transport water to other people around Kirkuk. The tank holds 10,000 liters (2,641 gallons) of water. Along with the well and tank, a high wall (about 6 feet) will be built around the tank to protect it. Local people will be trained to maintain the well. Each well will support over 150 families.

Your donations will go towards the installation of water wells that will provide sanitation, hygiene, improved health, increased access to food and other benefits, while providing an opportunity to tangibly share Christ’s love and concern for the people’s everyday lives. 

Water changes everything.

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