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In June 2016, the Kurdish government in Kirkuk, North Iraq, approved for the opening of a nonprofit organization translated into English called the Briar Organization to take care of the Kids. Aomed Zangana runs the nonprofit and on opening day, he welcomed about 50 children to the center providing them with food and supplies. Many of the children had lost their fathers to the fight against ISIS.

The center is in need of 10 sewing machines to teach single mothers a skill to earn money to support their family. Custom made clothing is very popular in North Iraq.

The center will have an after school program for kids to have extra time to learn since many are only in school for a couple hours a day. If they are struggling, there is no other place that provides them an opportunity to receive extra help. The center will provide ESL (English as a second language) classes, sewing classes for women, and barber classes for men. The goal is to help young people and single mothers learn new skills to find work. Another exciting feature of the center will be that Ministries and churches will be able to visit the center in the near future.

Sami Hassan, a member of Westside: A Jesus Church, is Aomed’s brother and travels on trips with Hear the Cry as an interpreter in Iraq. Sami and Aomed both have a heart to help children and their families overcome the challenges they are facing. Sami traveled to Iraq in May and November of 2016. On his trip in May, he helped finish the installation of a water well for the community and many people are extremely thankful while enjoying the benefits of clean water. In November, Sami helped Aomed make sure desks and chairs were ordered and set up along with making sure the center was remodeled for the safety of the children.

Sami shares the Gospel whenever he has an opportunity and is looking forward to teams visiting the center and other nonprofits partnering with Aomed to bring much needed help to the people. The opening of the center has positively impacted about 300 families so far. 

Please consider partnering with Sami, Aomed, and many others to provide 10 sewing machines to teach single mothers a new skill. Help us come to together to support the children and community of Kirkuk in Jesus' name by raising $3,000 for 10 sewing machines.

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