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JASON and BRENDA SOMMER: While traveling in 2013, we began to realize a common theme. We had visited a variety of countries, developing sustainability projects and traveling for 6 months, by the time we reached Uganda. Uganda felt special. Full of vibrant people. Children everywhere. But amidst all of the beauty of landscape and culture- we were also awakened to a subtle reality that had been happening, all around us. While good things were being done to feed, house and educate kids all over Africa - young people were “aging out" of these homes and programs. We spent hours, discussing what this reality looks like, in their daily lives. We began to contemplate this "new life” transition, one without options or opportunities. We started to ask a lot of questions. And to share our thoughts. And we began to pray.
This moment was the catapult that would move us to a new level of commitment and action, for the freedom and safety of kids.

THE TRUTH: There is a shortage of opportunities for young people to develop vocational skills, in Uganda. Without vocationally trained young people, the country will see continued stagnant progress towards sustainability. Without change cycles of poverty will continue. Youth in Uganda are the youngest population in the world, with 77% of it’s total population being under 30 years of age. While youth literacy rates are 85%-90%, this is not translating into an economy that can support it’s residents. A reported 7,310,386, 15-24 year olds, are living in Uganda with 83% of them unemployed. This rate is even higher for those who have formal degrees and live in the urban areas. This is due to the disconnect between the Degree achieved and the vocational skills needed for the jobs that are in demand for workers. (Youth in Uganda, Wikipedia)

Training and projects that empower longterm sustainability at their core, provide the kind of hope that changes the trajectory of communities.

We are creating sustainable futures, through vocational apprenticeship training for young people. Working with A.R.M.S and the Bethany Village Community, we are utilizing the existing infrastructure to provide housing, and a place for young people to Transition into adult life, while learning practical skills that will empower them for a lifetime. Through construction and hospitality training, and community projects; we create, improve and expand options. Jesus revealed himself in simple and practical ways. And that makes sense to us. When we provide practical vocations and business management skills to emerging young people, we impact poverty. And we empower people.

Please join us, as we create new opportunities in Uganda! We want to help young people and communities thrive!
Be a part of what we are doing! Everyone has something to offer...
- Bring a teams of local trades people and help us teach.
- Move to Uganda- build and teach with us.
- Give towards; tools, shop construction, housing and facility improvements
- Give towards; Hands on Community Projects
- Sponsor an Apprentice (food, housing, supplies, tools)