New House for Maria and Family

17% Funded


of $5000 raised


This is Maria … when we met her last year we found out her 12th birthday was going to be this week, and she’s never had a party, presents or cake … so we changed that. Best, loudest and happiest birthday party we’ve ever been to!

Maria lives with 11 other family members in a collapsing mud/stick house, stung by wasps at night while they sleep, and their dirt floor is frequently flooded by torrential downpours up here near the Amazon. Not awesome, but a very easy fix for us ... we’ve decided to surprise their family with a new brick home! It’ll have a concrete floor, brick and mortar walls and a clay shingle roof. It’s going to be about $5,000 … we'd love to have you help! Any donation goes a long way, thank you!