2017/2018 Daniel Murembu Scholarship Fund

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When our Hear The Cry teams first began arriving in Zimbabwe, we were greeted by two young men at the Highfield Feeding Program. They were twin brothers who became part of our team and family. Together, we served, led VBS programs and ministered to children. As the boys aged, they continued to serve with and alongside us.


Daniel and David Murembu were orphaned at the age of 11 and began taking care of one another. One would work so that the other could go to school and then they would switch. In 2016, Daniel, while studying to be a Pastor, passed away in his sleep due to a seizure at the age of 24.


The Daniel Murembu Scholarship is a continuing Scholarship awarded to other orphans from the Highfield Feeding Program.


Our first recipient of the Daniel Murembu Memorial Scholarship was David Murembu who made the Honor Roll while studying for a Master’s in Human Rights, Peace, and Development.  


The total cost to send a student to college in Zimbabwe is between $1,000 - $3000 per semester. Thank you for your generous donations in honoring Daniel’s life and legacy while building a brighter future for others who may not otherwise be given such an opportunity to pursue their dreams.