Projects available for funding

We work with local indigenous leaders to provide realtime needs that will bring longterm impact and sustainability to communities around the world. The projects are always being added to and changing as they get funded. Check back often to see if there is one you would be interested in supporting and get your family or community to join in with you!


Happy Home Field Trips

The children at Happy Home spend most of their time within the home. We want to help make it possible for the children to go one field...

One-time donations:

$555 of $1,000 raised

Laptops & Tablets for Happy Home

By investing in computer education for the children at Happy Home we are investing in their future. We live in a digital age where...

One-time donations:

$70 of $5,000 raised

Refugee Care: Restart Kits

Refugee Care Collective Restart KitsRefugees arrive to Portland with very little and they have to quickly begin their lives over...

One-time donations:

$7,245 of $22,000 raised

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Massive destruction by Hurricane Harvey in Texas will require thousands of dollars and hundreds of hands to help with the clean up and restoration...

One-time donations:

$5,195 of $100,000 raised

Birthday Presents for Kids in Foster Care

Every year, 65 Bridgetown volunteers oversee a monthly respite care program for foster families called Foster Parents Night Out. Each of our...

One-time donations:

$1,295 of $1,400 raised

Work Truck for Happy Home

Happy Home needs a work truck! Life can be pretty tough when your car breaks down or when you need to haul something and do not have...

One-time donations:

$0 of $20,000 raised

Boarding School

As our children in Zimbabwe are learning and growing, some of them are excelling academically. The public schools don’t have all of the...

One-time donations:

$2,800 of $4,000 raised

Birthday Presents for Kids in Foster Care

Every year at Foster Parents Night Out we throw an enormous birthday party for every one! The night is full of games and music and fun! But one of...

One-time donations:

$515 of $14,000 raised

Develop Sustainability

JASON and BRENDA SOMMER: While traveling in 2013, we began to realize a common theme. We had visited a variety of countries, developing...

One-time donations:

$3,001 of $25,000 raised

Westgate Girls College Expenses

With your help we will raise money to support three of our students during their University education programs. These three women are very...

One-time donations:

$50 of $4,900 raised

Sports Uniforms

Team Spirit!Happy Home special needs kids are marching into the Special Olympics arena in style.  Uniforms help unite and identify the...

One-time donations:

$0 of $1,000 raised

School Supplies Preventing Child Slavery

Remember Nhu is an organization ending child sex slavery through prevention. When at-risk children come to us, we place them in a home where their...

One-time donations:

$1,710 of $14,000 raised

Refugee Care: ESL Tutoring

Refugee Care Collective ESL Tutoring ProgramMany refugees arrive to Portland each year not able to speak or understand English....

One-time donations:

$300 of $5,000 raised

2018 Royal Family Kids Camp

Royal Family Kids CampThis summer, August 5th -10th, A Jesus Church Family is hosting Royal Family Kids' Camp. Royal Family...

One-time donations:

$0 of $44,000 raised

School Bus for Happy Home

Education is key to the future and for many parts of the world, only children of privilege have this opportunity in their daily routine.  At...

One-time donations:

$0 of $35,000 raised

Care For Mamas

Caring for our Mamas is an ongoing need. It costs $170 per mother during prenatal, birth and postpartum treatment. Our facilities...

One-time donations:

$0 of $5,000 raised

Iraq Refugee School and After School Programs

Support the needs for education and after school care for our refugees friends in Iraq....

One-time donations:

$5,538 of $24,600 raised

Recurring donations:

$5,538 of $24,600 raised

Fuel for Cooking

Firewood and propane are essentials for daily living and survival.  At Happy Home for the Handicapped, our cooks serve up meals for...

One-time donations:

$50 of $3,000 raised

Foster Closet Emergency Bags

Emergency bags are given to families with new foster kids who come into care with nothing but the clothes on their...

One-time donations:

$2,331 of $50,000 raised