About Refugee Care

Refugees are proven victims of persecution that flee their homelands in search of hope, justice and a safe place to raise their families. The United States resettles more of the world’s refugees than all other countries combined and Portland receives around 1,300 refugees per year.

Most refugees suffer unthinkable tragedy in their homelands and arrive in the U.S. with next to nothing, and knowing no one. Though refugees have lost everything, they are amazingly resilient and revitalize our communities with fresh ideas, unique strengths, and cultural variety. We have a deep desire to be intentional with these families who will call Portland home.

We partner with Refugee Care Collective. Find volunteer opportunities on their website, and sign up for email updates here.

Refugee Care Collective also needs funding to care for refugees resettled in Portland. Bring hope to our newest guests, and give to those efforts here.