We love the city we live in and serve it by pouring our time and resources into 3 primary needs.

Foster Care, Refugee Care and Anti-Sex Trafficking.

Foster Care


There are many ways to get involved with foster care in our city.  From foster parent’s night out, welcome boxes, respite care, foster parenting, adopting a DHS office and more.

Find out more about what your community is doing with foster care initiatives.

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Anti-Sex Trafficking


We serve with several organizations and churches that are working hard to support victims of sex trafficking in the Portland area.

Check out how you can be involved with other people in your community to help in this area.

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Refugee Care


There are a number of ways to get involved with Refugee Communities in your city.

From working with students, helping families get acclimated to Portland, adopting a family that has relocated and more.

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