MamaBaby Haiti

calendar 4 years ago

by Echo Zielinski On January 12th 2010, the Caribbean island of Haiti was rocked by a powerful and devastating earthquake that killed over 160,000 people and displaced close to 1.5 million more. Prior to the earthquake, many had no clue where Haiti was located, what kind of impoverished conditions it’s people were living in, or[…]

Zimbabwe: Hands of Hope

calendar 4 years ago

by John Ross Around 10 years ago, I decided to commit my life to 3 causes. One of these being, that every child in the world would have a home. Through connections at Westside and through HTC, this led me to taking a trip to Zimbabwe where we served with Hands of Hope ( Zimbabwe[…]

Haiti: Jacmel

calendar 4 years ago

by Alex & Emily Rettmann Haiti is a hard place. Any trip you take to most countries, will come with a taste of various foods, sights, sounds, and smells that will remind you of a civilization at its height in the distant past; a group of people who have narrowed in on the good life in[…]

Why do we go?

calendar 4 years ago

by Rachel Whaby Why do we go? Or an even better question, how does one decide that going to different countries to help others sounds like a suitable thing to do, or better yet, profession? Why not stick with a safer, more secure, and better paying option. A question that I have been asking myself[…]

Sister Rosemary

calendar 4 years ago

Tropical with two dry seasons, the shilling, Kampala, coffee tea, cotton, tobacco, potatoes, 91,135 square miles, all things characteristic of the Republic of Uganda. A country that has been war torn and pillaged by the Lord’s Resistance Army and Joseph Kony for the past few decades. Uganda is a nation where hope can still be[…]


calendar 4 years ago

by Justin Lucia I had never encountered innocent children who had been so terribly abused, neglected, and forgotten. I grew up in a home that followed Jesus, I went to Sunday School and AWANA, and as I began high school I traveled the world on different mission trips. Over the course of five years I[…]

India: Happy Home

calendar 4 years ago

by Roshan In 2003, we started children’s Bible camp program inviting neighborhood children to come to our house, where we lived with my grandmother, to play games and hear the gospel. Soon a vision for something greater, a home for handicapped children, grew in my mom Irene, and I’s hearts. Amidst India’s poor there is[…]

Uganda: Bethany Village

calendar 4 years ago

by Brenda and Jason Sommer   There are some places that just capture you. There are some people who draw you close and make your connection to Christ and life, stronger. There are some experiences that bring you to new depth, in your commitment to the gift of love. In December 2013, we left Gabba boat[…]

Thailand: Remember Nhu

calendar 4 years ago

By Mike and Margie Figueras REMEMBER NHU is a foundation  whose  single focus is ending sex slavery through prevention.  We do this in the context of Homes of Refuge to give safety to both boys and girls helping  them to thrive  physically, educationally, emotionally and spiritually. Since 2010, our first vision trip to Thailand, it has[…]

5 Reasons to go to Nicaragua this Summer

calendar 4 years ago

By: Alex Salzwedel, Pastor of Operations   Every summer for the past 5 years, Hear The Cry has sent teams of short-term missionaries to La Villa Esperanza in Managua, Nicaragua. The Villa is a home for adolescent girls who have been rescued from high-poverty, high-risk living situations. Over one week, each short-term missions team gets[…]


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