Why Zimbabwe

calendar 3 years ago

Although Allison has finished her most recent trip to Zimbabwe, we can read the steps that led her to return. As we gear up for this next season, where will you be led? | by Allison Cartmill | In her book 40 Days of Decrease, Alicia Britt Chole states, “Obedience is not a moment, it[…]

What We Do May Seem Tiny

calendar 3 years ago

by Shea Marshman | What we do may seem tiny. But if God is in that tiny thing that he approves, it will be great. ~ Robert Kintu, artist Bethany Village Robert Kintu’s art classes for the children at Bethany Village are filled with laughing children of all ages. They learn everything from sketching and[…]

Pit of Despair

calendar 3 years ago

by Jessie Parks | They called it the Pit of Despair. It housed individual baby rhesus monkeys for 3-12 months in total isolation.  It was “little more than a stainless steel trough,” research assistant Stephen Suomi recalled, “with sides that sloped to a rounded bottom.”  (From Thought to Therapy Article)  Achen1997 Post-WWII psychologist, Harry Harlow, designed[…]

Reflections on Nicaragua

calendar 3 years ago

By Alex Salzwedel | One of us struggled with sexual identity. One of us recently beat cancer and didn’t think she’d be able to participate in our daily work. One of us didn’t have any friends. We all walked through PDX late on a Friday night with life’s weights cloaked beneath our matching t-shirts. Seven[…]

Preparing Hearts & Minds

calendar 3 years ago

By Katrina Smith | “Wow! Africa?! Aren’t you afraid?!” Fear is an emotion felt by all. It is normal to feel or experience fear, but it’s what we do with that fear that is the real issue. In 2009, I took a leap of faith and traveled to Uganda a country, place and people I[…]

What My Camera Made Me Do In Iraq

calendar 3 years ago

by Jessie Parks | It was the first time I’d ever been to the Middle East.  Oddly enough, much of it felt familiar. I wondered at first if that was because perhaps I was numb or simply unaware.  Sure, a plate of kabobs was new and heavenly, but it wasn’t nearly as exotic as I[…]

Holding On

calendar 3 years ago

by Kelli Hoecker The sight was not an uncommon one as P’Mam walked through the market while training a new Remember Nhu employee. A young mother with a small child tied securely to her back, meandered through the narrow paths between vibrant stalls filled with assorted goods and a ruckus of people buying and selling,[…]

Paul, Barnabas, and Timothy

calendar 3 years ago

By Ashley Weed As a military kid, I grew up far away from extended family. We always visited family, but in my day to day life, my local church community became my forever family. This lifestyle gave me a glimpse of what a family of global believers looks like. My journey to Zimbabwe was a[…]

La-Z-Boys and Lean Cuisines

calendar 3 years ago

by Jessie Parks “They live in two lives. I know they live two lives,” Sami explained of his daughters. “[But] I cannot change and be American 100 percent and do what Americans do.” “No, no, no.” I lamented, knowing he was right. “When you live like two persons,” he continued, “you have two faces–it’s not[…]


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