From Baghdad to Beaverton: A Story of Bravery and Hope

calendar 2 years ago

By: Savannah DiMarco Photos by: Jazmen Draper Note: This interview took place in July 2016. Since then, Nawar and Suroor have lost their father, and Nawar has taken a second job to send money to her brother, who remains in Lebanon and still lacks the right to work.  Suroor and Nawar have given their permission[…]


calendar 2 years ago

By Dae Eriksson – Love Does Why is always a good question to ask either before, during, or after we embark on a project or journey. It brings clarity and understanding. It helps to keep asking this to make sure we’re putting our energy into the right things. Why are we doing this? What is the[…]

An Update From Maggie and Friends

calendar 2 years ago

Here is a message from one of our great partners in Uganda! CHANGE. – It’s a word I fear. It’s a word I yearn for. I am learning much about resting in the mystery of God. I am learning about my need for self-care, compassion as well as unconditional acceptance of myself and others. I[…]

On Refugees: More Than Escape

calendar 3 years ago

by Jessie Parks   Nothing seemed to bring about more rage in her than finding him with a newspaper; she’d rush at him in fury and snatch it from his hands. She used to be so tenderhearted–one of warmest people he’d ever met. She had welcomed him into her home and instructed him in his[…]

Latest trip to MamaBaby Haiti

calendar 3 years ago

by Chantelle Bruyn Climbing out of the plane in the Haitian sun, my team and I squinted against its brilliance. Though I had never stepped foot on this part of Haitian soil, I strangely felt a sense of home sweep over me. Lord, how can we best serve these people during our short time here?[…]

Hear The Cry 2017 Sponsorship

calendar 3 years ago

Often times we watch the world around us and wonder how we can help. The simple act of Sponsorship at $25-$30 a month can help provide a home, food, basic needs, and education for children all over the world. By sponsoring a child we can reset the trajectory of a child’s life and fight back[…]

Why I sponsor

calendar 3 years ago

by John Ross   There are the obvious reasons to sponsoring a child in need:  helping to provide shelter, education, and food… but there is something deeper that happens as well. Matthew 6:21  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Something that happens inside of you and me and something that[…]

Hear The Cry + Love Does – Somalia Safe House

calendar 3 years ago

Hear The Cry and Love does have partnered together for years, and here is one of the collaborations we are a part of. Together we help support a safe house & education for girls/women. Take a look at this awesome video:    

Somalia : Why It’s Worth The Danger

calendar 3 years ago

Original post from our partners at Love Does: We recently visited Mogadishu, Somalia to check on our current projects and dream of new ways to make a difference. Here’s a travel log update from one of our team as she experienced the joy and heartbreak of the this beautiful country. by Carly Hren and Deborah[…]

Hear The Cry 2017 Trips

calendar 3 years ago

Our trips for 2017 are out! Come and join us here:     HTC 2016 Trip from Hear The Cry on Vimeo.


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