Weekly News – 5/18/2018

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We have launched and completed so many projects over the last decade, but we’ve just scratched the surface. Our mission is to create space and opportunity for organic growth within communities that will sustain themselves long term. Last week, our President Michael McDonald traveled to Afghanistan, along with Love Does, to launch some very exciting projects that will add[…]

Weekly Update – 05/12/2018

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When you think about the word ‘community’ what comes to mind? Community: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Hear The Cry is a global community which includes YOU! Our mission is to bring compassion and justice to those in need. By doing this, we help[…]

Weekly Update – 5/4/2018

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In this weeks newsletter, we are talking about prevention and how we can intervene and make a change before lives are negatively affected. This past winter we sent a team to Southeast Asia to visit our partners at Remember Nhu. Friend and Photo Journalist, Jared Whitney, followed along and beautifully documented life inside and outside[…]

Weekly Update – 4/28/2018

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Friend, How are you pursuing impact in your daily life? We love seeing our friends use their time, talent, and energy to create positive impact in their spheres. Email us your stories, we’d love to hear from and be inspired by you! This week, we want to invite you to watch and read some of the stories[…]

Weekly Update – 4/22/2018

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Summer is fast approaching which means warmth, picnics swimming and SUMMER CAMP! A Jesus Church has partnered with Royal Family Kids, the largest network of camps in America focused on kids experiencing abuse and neglect.  Over 7,000 kids from the foster care system show up each year to 209 camps spread out over 40 states and 6 different countries! Hear[…]

Weekly Update – 4/13/2018

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We are working with The Seed Company to provide Bible translation for the Briyani people. You can sponsor a verse from I John, 2 John, 3 John or Revelation today to help the Briyani people read the Bible in their own language! https://vimeo.com/261897069 Click on a book below and search for your favorite verse! Sponsor[…]

Weekly Update – 4/6/2018

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Good news is so important! It keeps us going, fills us with hope, and puts the world back into perspective. Big things are happening across the globe, the kind of good news you don’t often hear about. We have the honor of partnering with some incredible organizations that are changing their communities from the inside[…]

A Girl Named Sumaiah

calendar 2 years ago

When in Uganda, I had the opportunity to visit our partners at the Restore International Safe Houses, located in Kampala. These homes are a place of refuge for girls who have been through trauma on the streets and caught in prostitution. Each safe house offers therapy through a counselor and provides aunties who stand as[…]

A Story of Hope From Uganda

calendar 2 years ago

By: Dae Eriksson Do you know how much power you have to change the world through love? We’re blown away by it all the time.The way you give and love is making it possible for kids all around the world to have a second chance, and we’re so grateful.  Here’s a story from Northern Uganda of what you’ve[…]

August 2017 Update from our India Team

calendar 2 years ago

An update from our India Team: Our team has officially arrived to Happy Home after 3 airplane rides and one bumpy bus ride through the country side of India. We were greeted by a traditional Indian lay and a big hug from Irene and Rose. The team was happy to arrive and sleepy after almost[…]


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