Looking Ahead To 2016 With Hear The Cry


IMG_1698Sometimes I wake up, look around my room and it takes me a moment to realize what country I am in. Sometimes invigorating and sometimes unnerving, the process reveals the reality for many of us working with Hear The Cry that takes us all over the world to places we never thought we would visit.

2015 was a very full year, from multiple trips to Iraq getting refugee care and education projects going, to new buildings being built in Myanmar that help prevent children from entering the sex trade. Hundreds of people from all over Oregon and neighboring states have hopped on flights (probably close to 900 different planes) to travel and serve families and children in over 10 countries.

IMG_1550We also started a new branch of Hear The Cry, called Refugee Care Collective, which is a local Community of Churches serving refugees in the┬áPortland area. We have also continued to┬áput on a huge camp for foster kids with Royal Family KIDS Camp… It’s crazy to look back and see where we have gone. Here are photos to highlight some of the people and families we support around the world.

It’s also exciting to look into the future of 2016 and see where we are going. Many of our 20+ trips this year are beginning to fill up faster than any previous year. We are also opening up some amazing opportunities to sponsor some of our kids in Iraq, India, Zimbabwe, and Somalia.IMG_1692 My hope is that by the end of the year we have all of those families and children fully taken care of.

We have big hopes for our local justice initiatives while partnering with churches all over the country to meet the needs of Refugees coming into the United States. We will also continue to dig deeper into supporting our local foster care system.

Please join with us this year by following along with our weekly blog and updates on different ways you can get involved with us.


The best is yet to come,

Michael McDonald and the Hear The Cry team