In Uganda we have a number of really great partners we work with including Love Does, Africa Renewal Ministries, JZEI, Recreation Project and These Numbers Have Faces.

Love Does - Uganda

With Love Does we helped start two safe homes. Here is an excerpt from the Love Does – Restore website on the work we do together:

“In 2012, with the help of some wonderful friends, we started a safe house in the capital of Uganda. We opened this home in response to a need to care for at-risk, abused, and sexually exploited underage girls. The goal was to provide a safe, caring environment for them to leave the sex trade or other dangerous environments and get care, counseling and safety. In addition, our goal is to re-acclimate these girls into a structured, healthy lifestyle where they may heal from physical and emotional trauma and learn to take ownership of their lives, their futures, educations, and vocational opportunities.

The home is staffed with mentors and counselors who visit the surrounding neighborhoods and identify minors being sexually exploited or otherwise abused. The mentors then approach the minors and offer them a place to live. The girls enter the home voluntarily and are free to leave if they choose.

Currently, we have 15 girls living at the home, receiving care, counseling, guidance, and education. Daily activities include daily responsibilities and chores, group meetings, crafts and activities, homework, therapy and discussions.

In early 2014, we opened an additional home based on the need to shelter more girls and provide more care. There are 10 girls living in the new home in addition to 15 living in our first home.”

Africa Renewal Ministries & JZEI

Partnering with Africa Renewal Ministries, (ARMS) we work with a Church Plant in Arua planted by John Paul and will be starting a school program and feeding program for orphans. Also with ARMS, we built a tilapia fish farm to bring financial sustainability to Bethany Village, which helps to supply orphaned children with a family and education. We also partner with Loving Hearts Baby Home, a home for discarded babies in Kampala. Most of the babies from this home are adopted through foreign adoption pathways.

We also get to partner with JZEI, sending teams with Jose Zayas to do outreach in cities and communities all over Uganda. We work in schools and prisons and send multiple teams out each year. To find out more, check out the trips below and other projects you can be a part of.

These Numbers Have Faces

Strong ties over the last 7 years have made working with These Numbers Have Faces in Uganda and Zimbabwe a natural fit. Here is a short intro into the work we are doing with them from their website:

“Every day we hear terrible statistics that document the harsh reality of our world. We chart war, calculate disease, analyze famine, and graph slavery. Africa is often at the heart of these calculations as we’ve all seen the numbers about Africa that paint a negative picture of the continent.


Our name expresses a world changing idea. We don’t see Africa as hopeless, we see it full of life and color, light and opportunity. While figures and data are important tools to measuring complex social issues, we believe that there are people behind the statistics. A number is difficult to connect with, but when we see those numbers as real people, we find a purpose that compels us to action.


We provide social impact loans for talented scholars to attend top African universities. Graduates reinvest their loans for new students from their community.


Business is key to Africa’s future. Through our new Accelerate Academy program, we provide training, mentoring, and access to capital for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Ethical leadership is critical for long term success in Africa. Our students participate in extensive leadership training and are required to serve in their communities.


Educating a woman is the greatest social investment in the world today, yet only 2% of African women complete university. We aim to change this.”

There are a number of ways you can engage with the work we are doing with These Numbers including leadership loans, joining an impact circle and getting behind some aspiring entrepreneurs and there ideas for a better Africa. Check out the projects below.