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When Hear the Cry began in 2007, it was an easy decision to make Uganda our first official location. As we got to know the country and spend time with the people, we were amazed by the examples of perseverance we found. In order to make a living, most work in unpleasant conditions up to twelve hours a day, yet only earn $1-2 USD. Despite the harsh circumstances, the people remain amiable and compassionate to friends and strangers alike.

Since 2007, Hear the Cry has worked with multiple partners who are each committed to loving and building up the people of Uganda. Our partners have different specific focuses, such as sex trafficking prevention, sustainable farming, and other community development initiatives. Their efforts are offering hope, opportunities and resources to the amazing people of Uganda.

Develop Sustainability

In 2013, Jason and Brenda Sommer created Develop Sustainability with one goal in mind: to provide young people with the skills and opportunities necessary for a smooth transition into adulthood. Develop Sustainability aims to empower young people by offering vocational training in areas related to sustainability. Equipped with skills, confidence, and wisdom, young people are able to define success for themselves and bring about change in their communities.

Develop Sustainability is based in Bethany Village, on the edge of Lake Victoria. The team is currently working to construct homes for single mothers, teach sustainable farming practices and develop an aquaponic system.

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Elephante Commons

Elephante Commons is a community center in the heart of Gulu, Uganda, empowering locals to become leaders and take charge of the change they wish to see in their community. Elephante offers a localized space that contains an event hall, open restaurant, large outdoor area, and many classrooms, all of which are available for the public to use for community development projects. These projects include technology skills training, dance classes, Bible studies, and countless more.

In a city with an unfortunately high unemployment rate, quality jobs are hard to come by. Over a dozen people are currently employed at Elephante Commons as managers, cooks, cashiers, and more.

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Kingdom Home

Our partners at Kingdom Home aim to end child sex slavery in Uganda by providing a safe living space for at-risk children. Four homes currently exist, each with its own staff of dedicated house parents, aunties, guards, and others who ensure that the children’s needs are being met. These workers provide for the kids’ physical needs while also helping them grow spiritually in God’s love.

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Love Does

Led by the incredible Bob Goff, Love Does fights for human rights and education for children in conflict zones. Love Does has many projects in Uganda. Restore Leadership Academy, a school in Northern Uganda, offers kids of all ages access to education at reduced prices. Another program called Launch helps fund the graduates of Restore as they enter universities. Love Does has also constructed and supported multiple safe houses throughout Uganda for girls who have been sexually abused or exploited. Furthermore, Love Does has a school that teaches witch doctors and healers how to read and write, while also teaching them other skills and making sure they know the laws against trafficking.

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Upcoming Trips

Uganda Sept. 2020

September 4-17, 2020

**CLOSED** Our team will be traveling to Bethany Village, a rural community outside of Kampala, Uganda. We will be using many different skills on this trip, including sewing skills, construction, entrepreneurship, etc.

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