Happy Home for the Handicapped provides safety and comfort for over 100 kids, where no matter what background they come from, we welcome them into our family.

Happy Home for the Handicapped is parented by an amazing family through which the kids are loved, encouraged, fed and cared for. Irene, Roshan and Tiffany bring stability and hope while sending the kids that can go to school to get the best education they can. Those that don’t go to school are taught life lessons in a custom home-based education.

Happy Home serves the community by teaching educators, parents, businesses and individuals how to care for and work with people who have different types of disabilities. While most of these kids are orphaned or discarded by their families, some of the kids are dropped off in the morning to spend the day learning from the teachers at Happy Home and are picked up by parents at the end of the work day. This is an incredible service to the community; in most cases both parents work just to feed their family. Options are very limited in India when you have a child born with a disability. Most schools do not know how to deal with such a situation so the children are often left at home to themselves putting them in dangerous situations. Happy Home is an amazing place where kids are loved for who they are and encouraged by the grace and love of Jesus.

When our teams go to Happy Home they spend the majority of the time with the children. We help by assisting in the day-to-day operations of the home by getting the kids ready for school, cooking and serving meals, cleaning the property, helping with home-based education, playing games, physical and speech therapy, VBS and taking the kids on amazing adventures. There are often projects that need to be done around the property like building Betsy (cow) a new barn, fixing ceiling holes (the monkeys break the roof tiles) and building trenches so the monsoon season doesn’t flood the property…which has happened more than once.

Teams usually go for 2 weeks and will see different parts of the country, wash Elephants, ride in rickshaws, smell the smells and experience what it means to wake up each morning with such purpose, loving kids that avoided the gutters because of Happy Home and their faithfulness to care for those in need.

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