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With 1.35 billion inhabitants, India accounts for 18% of the world’s total population. The country is a hub of cultural diversity, with hundreds of spoken languages and dialects, dozens of major religions, and countless distinctive customs. India is a beautiful country for so many reasons, but several problems still exist. These include overpopulation, lack of resources, racism, and a damaging social hierarchy.

Since 2009, Hear the Cry has supported our partners in India through financial backing and short-term missions work. Read below to learn how our incredible partners are caring for and spreading God’s love to the rejected children of India.

Happy Home

Happy Home provides education, food, shelter and a sense of belonging to handicapped children whose families are either unwilling or unable to care for them. Among India’s poor population, it is exceedingly difficult to raise a handicapped child. Parents must often choose between working to earn their daily bread and staying home to look after their son or daughter. This struggle, along with the cultural disgrace placed upon someone with a special needs child, means that many handicapped children are poorly cared for or even abandoned. Happy Home is a place for these children to live and learn that they are worthy of love.

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