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Hear the Cry is thrilled to finally announce the launching of our newest location: the vivacious, resilient, and incredibly diverse country of Brazil. We are currently beginning developments in the small town of Córrego da Volta, located near the northeastern coast. Home to only one thousand people, Córrego da Volta is a community that places fellowship and hospitality above all else.

While the people’s light-heartedness and unwavering generosity make it hard to believe, life in Córrego da Volta is difficult, and most live off of $1-2 USD per day. With poverty being the most prevalent issue, the community consequently struggles with drugs, sex trade, and a severe lack of job opportunities. 

Hear the Cry aims to help the people of Córrego da Volta by supporting our amazing partners who work full time to address the community’s needs.

Hear the Cry: Brazil

Our partners at Hear the Cry: Brazil are dedicated to improving the lives of the people of Córrego da Volta. They plan on doing so through the creation of a multifaceted community center which will include a chapel, classrooms, clinics, soccer fields, and much more.

In addition to this primary project, our Hear the Cry: Brazil team is helping the community by distributing food and supplies to families in desperate need. We are also beginning developments to construct new and sturdy homes.

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