Happy Home for the Handicapped


Over the past decade, hundreds of children have found a home at Happy Home for the Handicapped. What started as a ministry to disabled children, God has grown into a beautiful manifestation of the gospel to all those in need. We have seen God work in and through us as the lives of children, widows, homeless, blind, beggars, and many more in need have been changed.

The community has noticed.

Happy Home receives children from all types of backgrounds. Some were abandoned by parents, left in the streets to fend for themselves. Some were abused, mistreated, neglected. They have children from Hindu families, Muslim families, and children not knowing to which religion they belong. No matter what background they come from, we welcome them into our family.

At Happy Home for the Handicapped we have a holistic approach to our ministry. Under our roof, children find food, clothing, shelter, and education. But our primary focus—our primary goal—is to teach them about Jesus. To show them that he is the only living God, and that he loves them.

One of the best ways to help the kids at happy home is through Child Sponsorship. Partner with us in providing the daily needs for the Happy Home for the Handicapped children. Sponsorship includes food, shelter and accommodation, basic medical, school expenses, transportation expenses, etc. Your gift provides directly for the tangible needs of these children.