Fundraising Ideas

We don't want anyone to miss out on a trip due to money. That's why we've put together this list of ideas and resources to help others support you on your journey by donating to you!

Easiest one first: email your Pure Charity link to everyone you know, post it on social media (multiple times) and handwrite letters. Find any way you can think of to get this link out to others (people can’t give if they don’t know about it!). Feel free to use our trip photos in your posts and emails.

Simply ask/say to someone, “Hey friend, send me here!” They’re not going on the trip, but most everyone supports the idea of supporting you on yours. Your trip is a team effort, and this is a way for friends and family to get involved (without the jet lag).

Make a video of yourself explaining your trip, who you’ll be serving, what you hope to gain from this experience, etc, etc, and end with a call to action to help fund your trip. Don’t forget to add your Pure Charity link in your post!

Have a cookie bake sale, babysit, housesit, host a carwash, etc. But the secret is this: rather than putting a price on your service, let them know what this money is going towards and ask them to pay what they’d like. You’ll find people often give way more without the limitation of price tags!

Sell things! You’ll be shocked how much is hiding in your closets, garage and attic. List those things for free on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace or hold a garage sale.

Instead of gifts at birthdays or Christmas, ask your friends and family if they’d give to your trip!

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