Fish Farms are a collaborative project, built by people, all coming together to use their time, skills and hope to create change. These farms are built by working alongside local people, using local materials and craftsmanship to create manageable Fish Farm Systems that can produce over 10,000 fish and 3000 plants each year. Through fish and vegetables grown in Fish Farms, we create access to protein, nutrition and economic opportunities. These Fish Farms are making a real, impactive footprint on a global road toward self-sustainability. Fish Farms create independence. We are investing in the future of children, in a very practical and tangible way. Orphanages, schools, children’s homes and communities are being given new pathways to provide for the daily needs of kids that depend on them for daily survival. And God is growing the hearts of those who give and those who receive the gift of these Fish Farms.

It is an awesome thing to see, build and experience!

Active farms in:  Belize, Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and India.

New construction planned for:  Kenya and Nicaragua.


After traveling amid so many different people…

After experiencing lives, limited by a deficit of opportunities…

After witnessing the expansive effects of poverty, on so many lives…

We found ourselves asking…

How can we make a lasting impact?

How do we create real change?

What is the core of self-sustainability?

What does real growth and opportunity look like?


There are so many eager young minds, ready to learn. Ready to grow. Ready to see. Ready to do…. whatever it takes to achieve success and to attain new levels of survival and hope. These young people are simply waiting for someone to help them discover opportunity.

Our mission: To provide practical and useful skills training.

Our goal: To bring the skills and tools necessary for young people to provide for their own needs and for the needs of their families and communities.

Jobs are sparse. Even the educated person often lives far below the poverty line. In many countries, the economy just simply can’t create enough jobs to support all of the people. We believe that teaching skills like masonry, welding, tailoring, art and jewelry making, plumbing, technology and agriculture can create lifetime steps towards opportunity. Focused training and knowledge of skills allows people to build homes, schools, bathrooms, water collection systems, to make blankets, school uniforms and clothing and to grow their own food. Through developing skills, and enhancing local knowledge- these young people have a chance at success. Skill development  provides the ability to improve the function and construction of their communities and buildings, and creates increased income potential for these leaders of tomorrow. Practical skills training, provides tangible hope!

Making greater strides towards self-sustainability!