We have been working with Forward Edge International for the last 5 years. We send multiple teams to Nicaragua each year to serve at the Villa Esperanza.

Forward Edge has spent decades in Nicaragua and we have had the privilege to come alongside the work they are doing. Here is just a glimpse of the work being done from the Forward Edge website.

“Imagine living in a dump. Smelling the smoke and the rotting garbage. Spending your days searching through the waste of the city for food or anything you can sell for food. Now imagine living there as a child. Imagine the desperation and abandonment you’d feel if your parents, who were so lost and deeply hurt, considered selling you into prostitution a viable option.”

This was the reality for many who lived in La Chureca, a village once inside the Managua, Nicaragua city dump.

When Gloria Sequiera, a former Nicaraguan school principal, discovered this horrific situation, she was compelled to do something, especially for the at-risk girls in the community. She soon teamed up with Forward Edge International, and through their partnership together (and God’s grace), her vision become a reality: Villa Esperanza was born.

Many of the children who once lived in La Chureca now live in a nearby neighborhood and are still at-risk, without hope for a future. Few are allowed the luxury of school and fewer still the luxury of a childhood. Some turn to drugs or suicide for relief.

Villa Esperanza, “Hope Village”, is a place where young girls have found refuge who once lived in La Chureca or other dangerous environments. Here at the Villa they are given their first individual bed with clean sheets, and clothes and food. School suddenly becomes an option and with it hope for a better future. In short, they are given a NEW LIFE!

Villa Esperanza goes further, by offering life-skills and social skills training, psychological evaluation and counseling, and medical care. Here the children receive personal care in a family environment. And they are taught about a loving Savior and are encouraged to love others as He would. The children of Villa Esperanza are given the tools they need to reach their full, God-given potential.”

Below you will find different ways to get involved with the Villa Esperanza. You can fund projects, child sponsorship as well as go on a trip this year to work with the amazing team serving these kids.

Forward Edge International

We work with Forward Edge in both Haiti and Nicaragua. They have been working in Nicaragua for over 20 years and have been faithfully builing into the community in many ways. To find out more about the work of Forward Edge, visit their website.