We have the privilege of working with Love Does and The Refuge Initiative in Northern Iraq.

We had been talking with Bob Goff for a few years about going into Iraq to start a school. We made some great connections and made the trip over last year. Since that time we have started a school and partner with an organization taking care of  refugees that recently escaped before ISIS took over their village outside of Mosel. We are helping provide daily provisions for the community and looking into helping provide language and skills training.

Further, a huge majority of the Peshmerga Army comes from the Kurdish region we are working in. Because many Kurdish people are on the front line defending against the horrific attacks up North, many women from this region become widows each week due to the war. We are working with the city to help care and provide for these widows through a family that is living there on behalf of World Orphans.

We send multiple teams through out the year to work along side our partners and continue to build relationships within the city.

Here are some comments about what we are doing from the Love Does website:

“While in Iraq, we were able to spend some time at a refugee camp made up of 20 families who fled their village just hours before ISIS took over. They traveled over the mountains to another city, and were set up in camp on the property of our friends who have a local community center.

We are going to support these refugees as much as possible and need your help! Any donation is appreciated. Some of the goals we have are to get their tents ready for winter and provide them with stoves to heat the tents during the winter months. In addition, clothes, food, medical care and other supplies are always needed. If possible, we would love to find a way to hire a couple of teachers to continue the education of the children while they are living in this camp.

Also, We are so excited to announce that we opened a school in Iraq!

This school is an English language school and also an after school program. We have started with English and Art, and will continue to add classes as we are able. We currently have 70 students and will continue to grow! The school is geared towards orphaned children and low income children who normally spend their afternoons running around in the streets. Our goal is to give them a safe and caring environment in which they can grow and thrive.

In the war-impacted areas of Iraq we feel it is essential to provide these children with opportunity, safety, support, and love. We are giving them a safe and happy environment in which they can learn and build on their futures. We’d love for you to help support our education projects in Iraq! To help, you can donate towards the expenses of the project, including rent for the building, providing teachers, school supplies, and more, or you can Engage a student with a monthly pledge and provide ongoing support.”

There are many different ways you can get involved in the work that we are doing in Northern Iraq. Below you will find projects that you can give to, children you can sponsor and trips you can go on.

Below are 2 videos of the people we are partnered with in Iraq. The first one is a short interview that Mike McDonald took while in Iraq in October 2016, the second is a full length documentary highlighting a bunch of the work we are helping with through our partnerships.

For more information contact us at info@hearthecry.org.

For More Information On Love Does Or The Refuge Initiative And The Amazing Work We Have The Privilege Of Doing With Them, Check Out Their Website Below