Bethany Village, Uganda – The Will to Succeed

A special place, off the shores of Lake Victoria. 45 minutes local boat ride from Ggaba, lies this peaceful, vibrant peninsula of people and nature, known as Bethany Village.  In this place, 130 young lives find homes, mother’s and opportunities for love, education and safety.  They find Jesus, and a new trajectory of change. The struggle to survive in Uganda, is a tiresome companion. It takes determination, perseverance and hard work to achieve beyond your born status or circumstances, here. The women of Bethany Village have been learning Sewing and Tailoring skills, over this past year, and we (a group of 8 women) and we (AJC church and HTC community) are so excited to support them further, this November, in the next phase of growing their desires and abilities to develop their sewing skills and teach the children skills that will give them advantages, for their futures.

What can we do?

By providing sewing machines, patterns, fabrics and all of the special materials needed, the people of Bethany Village will be able to continue learning and using their tangible sewing skills to provide self-sustainabilty, skills training  and income opportunities for these mother’s and young people. Most of these young people will face a deficit of employment opportunities, even if they are fortunate enough to finish standard school or even college. During our time in November, we will encourage and support the mother’s in their daily tasks, running households of up to 18 people! We will spend time training, teaching and learning with the community, working on skills and techniques with them, that can help develop training and small business opportunities. Throughout the coming year, we will continue to journey with Bethany Village, to develop long-term, sustainable systems to provide skills training to the kids and mother’s. We want to support them, so that they can continue to press on towards achieving greater, practical successes!

Make a difference!

These beautiful mother’s, are raising up children and emerging Ugandan adults, in life-circumstances that provide very little opportunity for future success. A small change, can make a big difference. And when change, comes from the work of your own hands, it has a lasting and empowering effect!

Bethany Village is full of hope. We want to answer this hope, with opportunity. You can join our team, and be a part of this project, by donating to HTC, towards the Sewing materials needed for this November trip!  We are so excited to support their pursuit of passion and success, and to encourage their daily efforts, as they provide better lives for these 130 kids that call Bethany Village home! Together, we can place the tools of change into these precious hands, as they build new futures.

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