Hear the Cry exists to bring compassion and justice into areas of brokenness around the world.

Hear the Cry started in 2007 when one church in Portland OR decided to give 10% of every dollar toward compassion and justice causes around the world. Since then there are a number of churches in Oregon and Washington as well as individuals and communities all over the US that have joined together to do long-term, sustainable work in 10 countries. We work with local indigenous leaders to bring hope and a future to women and children through grass roots efforts in areas of need, including education, gender equality, micro/macro finance projects, child sponsorship and sustainable farming.




At the heart of what we do are two words: Compassion and Justice.


The word compassion combines two latin words meaning “to suffer with”. Having compassion includes this idea of being with the hurting. Jesus was called Emmanuel (God with us) and came to live among us, into our brokenness. We desire to follow Jesus in the way of compassion and visit, live and serve along side those in need.


Justice is God’s language for shalom, peace, things made right, equality, fullness and the world operating as he intended. Jesus’ prayer “your Kingdom come, on earth as it is in Heaven” speaks directly of that idea. Hear the Cry is a community of people that join together to be a part of the movement of bringing God’s Kingdom here to earth, along with his peace, presence and hope.

We hope you join with us from where ever you are at by being a part of a child’s life, rallying around on of our sustainable projects or coming on a trip with us to visit and care for one of our partners around the world!